Constructed in 1931 by Robert Mambourg whose father, Nestor Mambourg, founded the Pleasantville Glass Company in the early 1900s. The Lodge is a wonderful example of post-and-beam (sometimes referred to as mortise-and-tenon) construction and was the Mambourg family’s country retreat. A 90-ton, double-faced fireplace occupies the east end of the great room and was a favorite of elementary school children who would come to the Lodge for ice skating parties. The window glass was made to the strict specifications of Nestor Mambourg and is a testament to the rich history of glass making in Fairfield County.

The lodge is situated deep within a 116-acre preserve consisting of fields, woods and deep ravines. The Historical Parks is in the process of making improvements to the Mambourg Lodge and grounds. Future development to the preserve will include space for play areas, picnicking, nature walks, birding, horseback riding and photography.

Location Features

  • Historic 1930s-era timber frame lodge surrounded by the beauty of lush fields, woodlands and ravines.

Because the Lodge and grounds are under development, visitors are advised to contact the Historical Parks office at (740) 681-7249 to learn more about the preserve.