Hansel Park is what had been the home and surrounding land of the late Evalan Hansel, a librarian at Fairfield County District Library who began the library’s Bookmobile Program. By traveling Fairfield County’s dirt and gravel roads, Ms. Hansel made reading materials available to residents who did not have easy access to the county’s libraries. In 1994, Ms. Hansel donated her 26-acre property to Fairfield County Parks. The preserve features two key historical structures: an early log cabin that was the first doctor’s office in Pleasant Township; an 84-foot deep, hand-dug well that still sits on its original location along Zane’s Trace, one of Ohio’s first roads.

In addition to maintaining these important historical structures, future development to will include the installation of self-guided nature trails and areas for picnicking, birding and photography, as well as educational programming about Zane’s Trace and the settlement of Fairfield County.

Location Features

  • Hand-dug, stone-lined well along Zane’s Trace
  • Log cabin that was Pleasant Township’s first doctor’s office

Because the Hansel Park is under development, visitors are advised to contact Fairfield County Parks at (740) 681-7249 to learn more.