Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Fairfield County Parks

The Fairfield County Historical Parks offers quality employment opportunities. The Fairfield County Historical Park District is committed to procuring unique natural resources, open space, and historical settings for preservation, conservation management, education, and passive leisure activities for the people of Fairfield County. To accomplish these goals, a well-trained, dedicated and talented staff is necessary. Positions encompass many titles from Park Technician to Program Specialist, and as employment opportunities become available the positions will be posted here.

Job Openings

Director/Secretary, Full Time

General Description and Summary
The Director/Secretary is the chief administrative officer of the Fairfield County Historical Park District and Secretary to the Board of Park Commissioners.  The Director/Secretary administers and documents the operations of the Park District in accordance with the policies, bylaws, rules and regulations established by the Board of Park Commissioners and the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1545.  The Director/Secretary assists the Board of Park Commissioners in the development and promotion of the Fairfield County Parks strategic plan and works to accomplish its goals and objectives.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Makes necessary preparations for all regular and special meetings of the Board of Park Commissioners and keeps accurate and permanent record of all proceedings.
  2. Between regularly scheduled and special Board meetings, informally discusses or communicates pertinent Park District matters to the Board.
  3. Serves as primary spokesman for the Board and Park District to the public, elected officials, governmental representatives, consultants and other professionals including the media regarding the daily operation of the Park District.
  4. Assists and coordinates short and long range planning activities undertaken by the Park District.
  5. Oversees the development of Park Properties in conjunction with a plan developed by the Board and monitors ongoing maintenance of Park properties as approved by the Board.
  6. Identifies all funding sources public and private and prepares funding requests, proposals and budgets as required.
  7. Oversees and directs all aspects of the Park District. Makes recommendations to the Board on personnel and operational needs, land acquisition and park development projects.
  8. Prepares budgetary and financial reports as required by the Board.
  9. Participates in negotiations for land acquisition, gifts, endowments and easements as required by the Board.
  10. Assists and coordinates the development of promotional materials for the district.
  11. Receives all incoming correspondence, reports and materials and summarizes for the Board.
  12. Drafts and types all correspondence, reports, news releases and other materials of the Park District.
  13. Maintains records and files of the Park District.
  14. Monitors all legislation affecting the Park District and prepares recommendations on appropriate action to be taken.
  15. Represents the Park District at meetings, conferences and seminars before citizen and professional groups to promote the district, explain programs and interpret policy.
  16. Must become proficient with Fairfield County’s cultural and natural history and communicate this heritage to the public along with service, social and religious organizations.
  17. Promote volunteer membership and work with active volunteers

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  1. Thorough knowledge of best management practices, procedures and techniques and in park and recreation operations, natural resource management, public finance and public relations.
  2. Ability to understand and interpret statistical data and develop and implement both short term and long term strategic plans.
  3. Broad knowledge of natural resource management, ecological restoration and land acquisition.
  4. Knowledge of processes required prior to the acquisition of property, as well as the variety of methods available for the acquisition of parkland.
  5. Demonstrated understanding of all aspects of levies and levy campaign including the ability to organize, strategize, articulate ideas and goals and make recommendations for levy campaigns.
  6. Outstanding ability in budgeting and public sector fiscal policy.
  7. Excellent verbal and written communication skills including public speaking and presentation skills.
  8. Ability to bring about and manage institutional change and effectively engage employees through performance management, shared leadership, recognition and employee development.
  9. Familiarity with Federal and State employment and labor law and Chapter 1545 of the Ohio Revised Code.
  10. In-depth interpersonal competency; ability to establish and sustain critical relationships.
  11. Ability to inspire and be persuasive in the promotion of new ideas, concepts and action plans to influence positive outcomes with both internal and external audiences. Proven problem solver.
  12. Excels at all aspects of customer service.
  13. Ability to exemplify the highest ethical standards in professional and personal conduct.
  14. Exhibits a high level of integrity, honesty, responsibility, transparency and trustworthiness that establishes credibility and generates respect and support from Park District stakeholders and staff.

Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation Administration or a related discipline such as Public Administration, Planning or Landscape Architecture with at least three years of demonstrated experience in parks leadership.

Salary Information
The position offers a competitive starting salary which is negotiable and commensurate with experience.  The position also offers an attractive benefits package including health insurance, vacation, holidays, sick leave, employer contribution to Ohio Public Employees Retirement System and career development opportunities.

Applying for Position
Interested individuals should send resume and cover letter to opra@opraonline.org no later than April 7, 2017.