About Us

The Fairfield County Historical Parks Commission was established in 1981 and features 750 acres of parks and preserves throughout Fairfield County, including eleven of the thirteen townships.

The Historical Parks is a separate governmental agency of the state of Ohio and is organized under Ohio Revised Code Section 1545 with the purpose of preserving Fairfield County’s unique cultural and historical settings. The Board of Park Commissioners set the policies and overall direction of the district. The Board of Park Commissioners is comprised of three citizen volunteers who are appointed by the Judge of the Probate Court of Fairfield County.

The Board of Park Commissioners appoints the parks’ Director who oversees all aspects of the Historical Parks’ operation and management. In 1999 the Board appointed its current director, David Fey.

The Historical Parks owes its very existence to the support of the volunteers and voters of Fairfield County. Its largest source of funding is through its ten-year, .4 mill levy that was approved by voters in November 2011. The levy funds provide the Historical Parks with a stable source of income, through which they can improve, maintain and operate existing parks, as well as acquire additional land for future preservation and recreation. Individual and corporate donations, bequests and gifts also play a key role in the funding of the Historical Parks. These donations make possible facility construction, programming and land acquisition that would otherwise not be possible through levy funds alone.